Providing a safe, secure, affordable and predictable environment for recovery since 1999.

Admissions call:    Birmingham / Prattville (205) 253-8871    Pensacola (850) 637-0050


Resident Profile

  1. Has completed a primary treatment program for chemical dependency or currently involved in Intensive-Out-Patient or Partial-Hospitalization-Program for the Pre-Level One placement

  2. Age 19 or older

  3. Currently employed or has the ability and commitment to obtain and maintain employment

  4. May be in college or other educational program

  5. Needs a safe, supportive environment to maintain sobriety before returning to family or independent living

  6. Has the ability to function in a community setting

  7. Has no current history of violence

  8. Has no violent criminal charges pending

  9. Has no severe medical problems that would interfere with participation at Any Length Resources

  10. Is motivated for recovery and can verbalize the reasons that such a residence is needed for their personal recovery

  11. Is willing to follow the aftercare/discharge plan developed by treatment program and to abide by the facility guidelines

  12. If dual diagnosis and medications are involved,must be able to take medications responsibly and maintain contact with current physician as scheduled

  13. Has resources to pay admission fee and weekly rent

  14. If any history opiate abuse, Vivatrol is required before admission and must be administered for a least 3 months

Admission Fee - $600.00

Weekly program fee - $175.00


Applicants may be referred by a primary treatment program counselor, halfway house counselor, appropriate referring agency, or make personal contact if discharged from treatment and in need of support to continue recovery. The Director will schedule an interview to determine the appropriateness for all parties.

Admission Fee - $600.00

Weekly program fees range from

$180.00 to $200.00

Admission Fee - $600.00

Weekly program fees range from

$225.00 to $250.00

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

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